MBSR- Mindfulness based stress reduction

Burn-out and stress related deseases reache epidemic levels!

In this alarming situation it becomes urgent to acknowledge our conditionning life-style, to become aware of how emotions and cognition influence our general physical and mental health and take the responsability of changing our habits in order to create more meaningful and balance lives.

Among others stress reduction strategies, mindfulness brings an opportunity to experience and to train our body and mind in order to make our life more enjoyable, interesting, vivid and fulfilling.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a group based 8 week program of two hours and a half weekly and a day long retreat in the 6th week of intensive training in mindfulness meditation together with discussion on stress and life skills. 

Particular emphasis is placed upon daily home practice. We can only expect to succeed in making changes in our long established ways of mind if we put time and effort into learning new ways.

MBSR is used as a complement to conventional medical management of a wide variety of types of illness, chronic pain, and depression. It allows people to mobilize their own inner resources of mind and body to become responsible for their personal health and healing. This program is internationally known and acclaimed by virtue of its broadly researched and documented healing work and has benefited the tens of thousands of people who've completed this course.

An introductory session as well as an individual consultation are needed before attending the 8 week class in order to meet the instructor, getting familiar with the program structure, principles and engagements and to make the point on the appropriation of mindfulness approach with each participant's needs, health conditions and expectations.